Here are my latest publications. Most are open access, but if you have trouble getting them just email me! 

I am planning to go through each paper and write something about it. In the meantime, have a look at my google scholar page.

Herd size and bovine tuberculosis persistence in cattle farms in Great Britain  
Brooks-Pollock & Keeling, Preventive Veterinary Medicine 92, 360-365 (2009) [link]
The impact of realistic age structure in simple models of tuberculosis transmission
Brooks-Pollock, Cohen & Murray, PLoS ONE 5(1): e8479 (2010) [link]
Epidemiological inference from the distribution of tuberculosis cases in households in Lima, Peru
Brooks-Pollock, Becerra, Goldstein, Cohen & Murray, Journal of Infectious Diseases 203 (2011) [link]
Using an online survey of healthcare-seeking behaviour to estimate the magnitude and severity of the 2009 H1N1v influenza epidemic in England

Brooks-Pollock, Tilston, Edmunds & Eames, BMC Infectious Diseases (2011)11:68. [link]

Rapid assessment of influenza vaccine effectiveness: analysis of an internet-based cohort

*Eames, *Brooks-Pollock, Paolotti, Perosa, Gioannini & Edmunds, Epidemiology and Infection (2011) 12:1-7. *joint first authorship [link]
Pigs didn’t fly, but swine flu

Brooks-Pollock & Eames, Mathematics Today, Quarterly magazine of the Institute of Mathematics in its Applications (2011). [pdf]